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Tohtori Olli Opa Rissanen
As well as working as a magician, musician and special education teacher, Olli Opa Rissanen has written a doctorate thesis on the expertise development of professional magicians from beginners to international stars.
In his doctorate thesis there is a special interest on how the expertise of a professional magician forms during a multifaceted developmental process, long term knowledge acquisition and the utilization of accumulated practical knowledge.
His doctorate thesis is first of a kind in the world. The thesis defence was held on 26.10.2018 at the University of Eastern Finland and the PhD opponent was professor emeritus Kettil Cedercreutz from the University of Cincinnati, US.
This doctorate publication on the expertise development of magicians has drawn a lot of international interest from the fields of science, arts and the magic circles.
More information on the PhD can be found:

The personal and network based expertise of professional magicians
Rissanen, Olli Itä-Suomen yliopisto, 2018

Ammattitaikurin henkilökohtainen ja verkostoitunut asiantuntijuus
Publications of the University of Eastern Finland. Dissertations in Education, Humanities, and Theology.,
no 129 ISSN: 1798-5633 ISBN: 978-952-61-2884-9
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Rissanen, O., Palonen, T., & Hakkarainen, K. (2010). Magical expertise:
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Rissanen O., Palonen, T., Pitkänen, P., Kuhn, G., & Hakkarainen K. (2013).
Personal Social Networks and the Cultivation of Expertise in Magic: An Interview Study.
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Rissanen, O., Pitkänen, P., Juvonen, A., Kuhn G., & Hakkarainen K. (2014).
Expertise among professional magicians: an interview study.
Frontiers in Psychology, 23, 1484, 1–13.
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Rissanen, O., Pitkänen, P., Juvonen, A., Räihä, P., Kuhn G., & Hakkarainen K. (2017).
How Has the Emergence of Digital Culture Affected Professional Magic?
Professions & Professionalism, 7(2).

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